About Us Basic

Who are we?

Bringing a construction project to life is an activity which demands a certain degree of guarantee. Something as important as creating spaces where people will build their lives must provide the guarantee and reassurance that the job will be performed adequately.

Técnica Construction’s clients can benefit from its 15 years of experience working for both private and public companies, in residential as well as in commercial projects. This means they can have the absolute guarantee that these professionals have the training and necessary expertise to accomplish any project and achieve the best results and client satisfaction at all times.

The Técnica Construction team is made up of professionals with broad experience in the construction, architecture and engineering sectors, which guarantees the professionalism with which they carry out any given project, always achieving spectacular results.

This company has a great number of clients, mainly in Spain, although it is also present in other countries, like Morocco, for example. A company capable of carrying out a great number of projects, with an exceptional ability to adapt so that every idea is materialized into an impressive construction where hopes and dreams become a reality.

What do we do?

Técnica Construction offers its clients all its expertise and professionalism so that their projects become reality in the best possible way. Among its works, there are residential, commercial and industrial buildings, since Técnica Construction is able to adapt to any idea it is presented with.

Not for nothing is “Building a sustainable future through conservation, green architecture and smart design” its slogan, as they always work to make their clients’ dream come true. And not only do they bring this dream to life but also their own.

Being an enterprising company, Técnica Construction develops its own ideas and brings to life its own projects, offering the world its skill and imagination in the form of unbeatable constructions. Genuine dream buildings with every necessary detail to meet everyone’s expectations. Creating desirable environments is a task which Técnica Construction performs perfectly, always leaving a good impression due to the good work and the tireless effort it always makes.

For all those people who want to have a special environment in which to lead their life or develop a commercial activity, this is the best option so that they can meet their expectations, so that a job well done is a great sensation when the project finally comes to life.


Making Técnica Construcción a key piece in Local and National market supported by:

  •  Experience
  •  Professionalism
  •  Flexibility
  •  Development


Our wide experience and high qualified team allow us to fave present and future with:

  •  Green Architectures
  •  Intelligent Designs
  •  Sustainable Future
  •  Engineering Projects


Our Project in middle future: Establish our International position.

  •  Adaptation Capacity
  •  Numerous yearly projects
  •  Sustainable building
  •  Multidisciplinary Team